We believe that 3 Ps – People, Planet and Profits – are critical, in that order, for creating long term shareholder value and for leaving behind a better planet for our coming generations.

While our steel service centres do not fall in the high pollution category, we have undertaken various initiatives to minimize the negative impact of our operations on the environment.

Some of our sustainability – related initiatives are:

We view sustainability not merely as a responsibility but as an opportunity to create lasting value across economic, environment and social bottom lines.

Sustainability has been integrated in all our business operations and decision making processes.

The Company’s sustainability performance has been covered in the consolidated group sustainability report. This report was externally assured by KPMG with a A+GRI rating.

Our sustainability roadmap lists a series of commitments to improve the Company’s environmental footprint and the social impact of its business. We track our performance against these environmental and social indicators and work towards continuous improvement in these areas.

Our business principles, environmental and social standards, and corporate governance, continue to underpin our approach to sustainable development.