Our Brand

Why Accelo?

Mahindra Accelo stands for agility

This core belief is also reflected in our name and identity.

Our name comes from accelerate and our identity has the visual of a springy.

Together, these represent the speed and the flexibility with which we function.

Brand Philosophy

At Mahindra Accelo, we believe growth is the outcome of agility at every step along the way.

As markets move at breakneck speeds and change finds its way to our doorstep every day, we must stay agile, looking to learn and grow, or we risk becoming irrelevant.

We must be quick footed and nimble, always working with a sense of urgency, but never in haste.

We believe that it isn't enough to diligently pursue opportunities, big or small. We must apply our our business acumen, honed through years of experience and judgement to identify the ones worth pursuing.

If we fall, we must pick ourselves up and Rise again, ready to take on new challenges.

Mahindra Accelo.
Agility is the key to achieving excellence.

Brand Pillars

  • By integrity, we mean being honest whatever the consequence and always standing by our commitments.

  • We will always ensure that every voice is heard, every suggestion is considered.

  • It is all about building capabilities at every level of the organization by providing the freedom for thought and the freedom for action.

  • We refuse to be pinned down by challenges. We learn from these and come back stronger, always!