Other Services

Tyre and Rubber Testing Machinery Group

Tyre and Rubber Testing Machinery Group (RMT) provides sales, after-market sales and service for:

  • Tyre uniformity machines, Tyre dynamic balancing machines, Tyre geometry inspection systems and Tyre X – ray machines sourced from Micro-Poise Measurement Systems LLC, USA.
  • Rheometers, Viscometers, Tensile testers, Tyre cutting and tyre plunger machines sourced from U – CAN Dynatex Inc., Taiwan.
  • Online and Offline Profilometers sourced from Starrett – Bytewise Measurement Systems, USA.
  • DBP Oil Absorptometers and Pallet hardness testers sourced from HITEC Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg.
  • Preformers, Cryogenic deflashing machines and VibraCool cooling conveyers sourced from Barwell Global Ltd., UK .